Terms of Sale

Shipping Terms

International shipping is more or less at cost. . Be advised, ever since the US Postal Service eliminated their Economy (Surface) option, there are no longer any inexpensive ways to ship internationally from the United States.  Your options will generally include first class international parcel service (limit, 4 pounds)  Priority International in the flat rate envelope, the flat rate box or variable weight. Rates now vary tyremendously from country to country. Our posted rates will correspond to the country you are shipping to. The rates  serve as upper limits, should we need to charge more, we will ask permission. Lighter items   will be processed at the appropriate cheaper rate.  UPS can be an option but we must first check your specific address to see if UPS will serve that address. If you have any questions, ask. Be advised, book sizes vary tremendously so we must have specific titles in order to estimate shipping.