Posters: with an emphasis on Social Movements

Pride 2018

A selection of periodicals, programs, handbills and photos (and a few t-shirts!) relating to LGBT Pride celebrations in honor of Pride month in SF

LGBTQ Studies Including Literature, Art, and Activism

A short list of 64 items

Activism against sexual harassment, domestic violence, and rape

Asian American history, literature, religion, and arts

Making Coal Great Again!

164 items related to coal mining, with emphasis on the labor movement

Summer of Love

And a few adjacent seasons!

Berkeley’s 1970 Political Poster Workshop: A short catalog

Works from the short-lived but spectacular explosion of screen-printed posters created at UC Berkeley in the wake of the invasion of Cambodia and the killings of protesters at Kent State and Jackson State.  

Fine Press, part two

A  selection of recent acquistions.  Usual terms, libraries and dealers know to us can be invoiced.

Frequent Flyers...

Handbills, broadsides, and other single-sheet communications

Political Buttons

A selection from our holdings of political, feminist, LGBT and ethnic movement pinback buttons.


A short list of ephemera, pins, and a few books related to the history of labor-backed boycotts

Fine Press

 A selection of fine press books and limited editions,  with an emphasis on California presses such as Grabhorn and Allen Press,  with a few anarchist fine press books thrown in for a little spice


Palestinian politics, history and culture

Armenia and the Diaspora...

A short list of historical, literary, religious and political works

Chinese America: History, Culture, Literature


歷史, 文化, 文學

 History, Culture, Literature


Exiles and Refugees

From the Spanish Civil War to Southeast Asia, Central American conflicts to unrest in the Middle East – plus some items by American refugees from the Draft and McCarthyism

Imbibers, Teetotalers and Boycotters