Cat.No: 308498 Anti-War News Service: Midwest Edition [11 issues]

Anti-War News Service: Midwest Edition [11 issues]

Chicago: Keep America Out of War Congress; Youth Committee Against War; Labor Committee of KAOWC, 1941. Newsletter. Eleven issues of the mimeographed newsletter issued between April 9th and December 11th, 1941, 8.5x11 inches, very good. Average length around 6 pages. Numbering is unusual; the first issue is 25-1. It contains the main articles present in issue 25 of the main NYC-based bulletin, with some Midwest-related additions. The numbering continues in this vein, citing the NY bulletin from which the main content derives, followed by the number in the Chicago series: 26-2, 29-5, 32-8, 33-9, 34-10, 35-11, 36-12, 38-14, 39-15, 41-17. The name of the organization changes with the last issue to Chicago Temporary Committee. There’s also a letter attached to the issue that explains it is the last issue of the Anti-War News Service, as the attack on Pearl Harbor had rendered moot the question of avoiding the war.

The KAOWC was the predominant left-wing anti-interventionist group, which depicted potential US entry into WWII as a catastrophe for the labor movement and for minorities. It was soon dwarfed by the America First Committee, which opposed US involvement for very different ideological reasons.

Cat.No: 308498

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