Cat.No: 298660 [Handmade postcard].
[Handmade postcard].

[Handmade postcard].

[No place]: [no publisher], 1908. Postcard. 1 postcard, affixed with a photoprint portrait of a younger person. 5.5 x 3.25 in. Printed on one side with prepaid postage, an area for a message, and an area for an address. Note on verso handwritten in pencil accompanies portrait, signed “Annie,” likely the name of who is depicted.

A charming, folksy postcard sent by a child, addressed to Bertha Stratton in Kingman, KS. There is a brief message on the reverse where the sender lets the recipient know “I am having a good time” and includes a small print of a portrait and signs “Annie.” The postage is printed on the card itself and features a portrait of McKinley, including his death date. The postmark is dated: “Sep 10 1908.”.

Cat.No: 298660

Price: $25.00