Cat.No: 290265 1941 Season's Greetings

1941 Season's Greetings

New York: Council for Pan American Democracy, [1940]. Pamphlet. Four-panel card, map of South America on cover with Brazil highlighted; donation solicitation form tipped in. Receipt date of Dec. 1940 penciled at the bottom of the rear panel.

Appears from outside to be a holiday card, but it opens to continue, "But in Brazil, under the Southern Cross, a great leader of the Brazilian people is being crucified. Luiz Carlos Prestes, honorary chairman of the National Liberation Alliance, will spend 1941 in the dungeons of Brazil. This Alliance was a unification of all progressive and democratic sections of the Brazilian people. Prestes has just been sentenced to thirty years in prison by the special tribunals of President Vargas of Brazil. Luiz Carlos Prestes led the fight against fascism, for the democratic rights and the emancipation of his people.Tat was his 'crime' ..." The Program of the Council is printed on the rear panel.

Cat.No: 290265

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