Cat.No: 288375 A message from the High Cabala. Secret

A message from the High Cabala. Secret

n.p. n.d. Pamphlet. 4p. brochure, 4.75x8.5 inches, couple tiny holes in the margin, otherwise very good.

Anonymously printed text in the form of a fictitious message from the leader of the world Jewish conspiracy. "Rejoice, fellow Israelites, we shall soon pen the rest of the goy livestock in the barnyard where they belong, never again allowing them to bother us in the conduct of human affairs. We are now completing our conquest of that last bastion of the goy world, the United States of America, and out of all this planned world chaos we are inexorably assembling our new One-Nationed World: its name shall be Zion! Having come at long last into our God-Promised Kingdom over the Earth, Peace, Prosperity, and Power shall bless the Jews forever."

Cat.No: 288375

Price: $35.00

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