Cat.No: 287992 Film Comment: vol. 1, #4. Gordon Hitchens, Tanya Osadca Mary Batten, Tats Yoshimaya, José Luis Torres, Anna de Varis, Ephraim London, Hugh Hurd, Clara Hoover.

Film Comment: vol. 1, #4

New York: Lorien Prods./Clara Hoover, 1963. Magazine. 48p., 8.5x10.75 inches, interviews, criticism, essays, some photos, rubbed and lightly-worn magazine in stapled pictorial wraps.

Cover photo of African American actor Hugh Hurd in the Japanese film "Shiiku" (The Catch). Hurd is interviewed about his starring in John Cassavetes improvisatory film "Shadows." Also a report on on the film "An Affair of the Skin" starring Diana Sands. Interview with London on film censorship.

Cat.No: 287992

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