Cat.No: 265862 The extent of the empire of the Culhua Mexica (Ibero-Americana: 28). R. H. Barlow.

The extent of the empire of the Culhua Mexica (Ibero-Americana: 28)

Berkeley: University of California Press, 1949. 141p., Map of "The Empiur of the Culhua Mexica" affixed to inside rear cover. sky blue wraps with 3 holes for strings drilled through the pages, a "mills college" library stamp on front wrap, a little edge and shelf worn but otherwise in good condition, Ibero-Americana No. 28.

From the Yale University HRAF Abstract: "This monograph is an attempt at a mapping of the Aztec ("Culhua Mexica") Matricula de Tributos or Tribute Roll—a barkcloth document dating to 1522-1530 but probably copied from pre-Conquest examples, with Nahua annotations added—frequently referring to a later copy within the Codex Mendoza ("Codex Mendocino") with additional annotations. The surviving pages list tribute due from each ethnic political unit or city-state. Numerous towns pertaining to 38 "provinces" within seven "domains" are located on a modern map, and supplemental information from early Colonial sources is provided on the inhabitants of each where possible. Many of the footnotes are given in the original Spanish and not translated, and a large number of Nahua words are given without further comment."

Cat.No: 265862

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