China Rhymes: Two classics of Old China Coast Poetry. Shamus A'Rabbitt, Sapajou, Andrew Chubb, Georgii Avksent'ievich Sapojnikoff.

China Rhymes: Two classics of Old China Coast Poetry

Hong Kong: China Economic Review Publishing for Earnshaw Boooks, 2009. Paperback. xxxii, 246p., wraps, 5x8 inches, illus., wraps lightly worn else very good condition. Originally published in 1937 and 1938.

The former Russian Imperial Army lieutenant Sapojnikoff, a White Russian refugee who settled in Shanghai in 1920, worked as a cartoonist for various newspapers including the North-China Daily News. His work, published under the pseudonym Sapajou, was quite influential in 1930s China (Richard Rigby postulates a possible influence on the famous San Mao series). When Japan occupied Shanghai and his fellow newspapermen were interned or forced to leave, Sapojnikoff made the decision to work with the new administration. His reputation has been substantially whitewashed in recent years, but his work in occupied Shanghai was ardently pro-Nazi and pro-Japanese fascist. After the war he was unable to find work, and left for a refugee camp in the Philippines on the eve of the establishment of the PRC, dying soon thereafter.

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