Cat.No: 262173 Libertarian anthology

Libertarian anthology

Indore: Modern Publishers, sole distributor for India Libertarian Book House, Bombay, [post-1948]. 67, [20p. ads], printed with nested signatures but staplebound, making for a tight opening; softbound in 7.5x4.5 inch wraps. Caveat Emptor: a very poor copy, with exterior grime and a shredded spine panel, and profuse interior checkmarks in red ballpoint. Ads are for many anarchist works published in India, has blurbs from Thomas Mann, Bertrand Russell and others. Anthology includes poetry and short essays by Jo Labadie, short essays included by Laurance Labadie, Benjamin Tucker, Elbert Hubbard and Peter Kropotkin. Reminder, an as-is item.

Cat.No: 262173

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