Cat.No: 208157 Kent State / Augusta Georgia [poster]

Kent State / Augusta Georgia [poster]

[Berkeley]: [Political Poster Workshop at the University of California, Berkeley], [1970]. Poster. 14.75x21.75 inch poster silkscreened on the back of conjoined sheets of used computer printout paper, as usual for the products of this workshop at Berkeley. Perforated sprocket strips at either side; the strip at left missing the top portion. The design is faintly reminiscent of a yin-yang, with the four white students killed at Kent State and the six Black demonstrators shot by police in Augusta grouped together on contrasting backgrounds.

Participants in the Political Poster Workshop practiced the techniques of silkscreened poster production on sheets of used computer printout paper. Most of the products of this workshop are very scarce, for obvious reasons.

Cat.No: 208157

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