Kaluti. Michael T. Luckett.


Catskill, NY: Press-Tige Publishing, 1996. Hardcover. 200p., hardbound in cinnamon cloth gilt and glossy dust jacket; first printing, self-published. Very good, a clean unmarked copy. Check out the dj author photo, nearly as strange as his plot . Plenty of violence physical to match violence spiritual.

"This is a story of a spiritual evil that has survived countless generations, and of its trek from the Caribbean islands to America. It is also a story of a family consumed by its demonic power, and of how the propagate their faith throughout America in the guise of Christianity. Four shall stand against them, and should they fall, the lives and souls of countless millions are forfeit." Lebanon, Pennsylvania-born African-American writer.

Cat.No: 205633
ISBN: 1575320169

Price: $15.00