Liu zhounian jinian te kan 六週年紀念特刊. Xinjiapo neigong shu yanjiu suo / The Healthy Institution 新嘉坡內功術研究所.

Liu zhounian jinian te kan 六週年紀念特刊

Singapore: The Healthy Institution, 1959. Sixth anniversary publication, 60 pages, pictorial wraps, text in Chinese with occasional English captions, black and white photos.

The Healthy Institution promoted Niu Kong (Mandarin: Neigong, "Inner Work"), a set of practices promised to be "The path to health." Niu Kong was a fad in the Chinese overseas community at the time, comprising a combination of traditional Chinese health and exercise practices. These publications include numerous testimonials from contributors across the Chinese diaspora, largely in Southeast Asia but several in the United States and further afield. Each testimonial is accompanied by a photo of its author. Includes the words and music for the "Niu Kong body-strengthening song."

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