Participation or control? a series of articles, reprinted, with grateful acknowledgemnt, from 'Tribune' and 'Voice of the Unions.' Edited by David Horowitz

London: Bertrand Russell Centre for Social Research, March 1967. 19p., professionally typeset, plain printed 8.5 x 5.5 inch staplebound wraps with rubricated title. Slightly browned round the wrapper margins, tiny signs of handling.

The "ambiguities" of workers' participation. "Nationalisation measures have been converted into forms of 'business men's synicalism.' These reverses are not accidental. They are the necesssary consequences of the power structure in a state and a society based on private property and market relationships between people." This was about steel. --Gosh, wouldn't we like to see, today, the authors' look at the privatization of British rail --end-product of steel-- and the millions of pounds, and the dozens of lives down the drain, and the bloody success of that 'power structure.' And edifyingly, the twisted trajectory of the editor.

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