[Handwritten letter on letterhead of the Ames Botanical Laboratory, thanking William Wilson Baker for his translations from Latin]

North Easton, MA: the author, 1901. Single sheet of stationery, 8.5x11 inches, faint creases from having been folded.

The letter begins with an apology for mislaying the precise amount of money Ames owed to Baker, an instructor of Latin at Harvard, for some recent translation work. “The translations were perfectly satisfactory to me and I wish to thank you for the trouble you were willing to take in my behalf. I suppose the authors whose work I sent to you, wrote a very peculiar kind of Latin, and this fact must have been very evident to you. Yours sincerely, Oakes Ames.” At the time of this letter Ames was the Assistant Director of Harvard’s Botanic Garden.

Cat.No: 201579

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