The Realist [no.50], freethought criticism and satire, Bobby Baker for Vice, President May 1964

New York: The Realist Association, 1964. Magazine. 32 p, 8.5 x 11 inches, illus, wraps, stapled newsprint magazine, browned. Cover captions feature "An Impolite Interview with Terry Southern" (etc., see below) and a classic Guindon joke: "You filthy swine-- just wait till the Pope hears about this!"

This issue is choc-a bloc with the white male literati and cogniscenti, not to mention the intelligencia, of the early 1960s! Paul Krassner on Dick Gregory, Jean Shepherd on protest, Joseph Heller on Jean Shepherd, Robert Paul Smith on Fanny Hill, Albert Ellis on men who swap wives, My personal favorite: The 1964 World's Fair's Poverty Pavilion featuring the "Hit the Beggar" fun ride, the Puerto Rican sweat shop, a slumlord symposium, the wino zoo, and your chance to sleep under a bridge for 25 cents a night. Priceless.

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