Joe's Walk to Work

Joe's Walk to Work

Wednesday, Jul 24, 2019

 A new occasional series... One of our employees is paying the price for 25 years of not taking care of himself. In a desparate attempt to stave off hypertension and diabetes, Joe has taken to hiking to work. Mind you, he lives one and two-thirds miles away, a straight, no climb amble down 17th street to get to work. So to actually get exercise requires some interesting routing. This morning, he turned a 1.6 mile, no climb jaunt into a 6.25, 1500 vertical feet of climbing trek. At the request of staff, he will share images of his commute as inspiration strikes him. Some days are better than others... today, courtesy of the sun and the fog, was stellar. The first indication that it was going to be a good day was the low fog:


The City:And a great view of  Christmas Tree Road overlook... The structure in the middle is the port-a-potty :-)Downtown: Looking South: The Goden Gate Bridge... No, Really...  (If you look really hard, you can see the very top of one tower near the center of the image). No? Okay. How about a closeup:

One last shot, as the fog scrapes through  the gap between the peaks