Cat.No: 89501 The Realist: No. 101, May-June 1986. Paul Krassner.

The Realist: No. 101, May-June 1986

Venice: The Realist, 1986. Newsletter. Unfastened yellow self-wraps, 8p., 8.5x11 inches, two fold-creases as for mailing, else very good condition.

Features "the parts left out of Frankenstein" with cover illustration a still from the Karloff version : Monster asks little girl, "How can you tell the difference between affection and fondling?" to which little girl responds, "Is this gonna be on the final exam?" Centerfold is a claymation still of the assassination of Robert Kennedy with RFK's head turned 180 degrees to receive the fatal bullet "just like Linda Blair in The Exorcist"

Cat.No: 89501

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