Cat.No: 79152 Mind control in the United States. Steven Jacobson, Antony C. Sutton.

Mind control in the United States

Santa Rosa: Critique Publishing, 1985. Paperback. 71p., softbound, 8.5x5.5 inch glossy wraps; very faintest signs of age or handling, very good first edition.

Expect twenty or so short chapters on film, tv, music, drug use (Jacobson's discussion of Harry Anslinger and the "Reefer Madness" film is top notch), money, monopoly, communism, the bible, the occult, the ruling elite, education. A political approach rather than religious. Jacobson seems sincere, mildly original, and independent if a bit to the right. Pp.54/5, the author describes himself as having been in the film industry for thirteen years. After a prolonged experiment with hypnosis tapes, Tibetan bells, marijuana and deep breathing, he set out to utilize his work experience to put together a film which could induce out of body experience. He evidently expected enthusiasm from his peers in the film business, but : "Support for such a project was not forthcoming which led to an investigation of the use of subliminal techniques. Those findings are contained in the document." So he was aiming at an enlighteningly manipulative film but had to settle for a book. About this time in his life, someone steered his way some Wm Dudley Pelley metaphysics, a Gary Allen conspiracy scenario, and these texts soon embraced by Jacobson, thereby calling into question his critical faculties.

Cat.No: 79152
ISBN: 0911485007

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