Cat.No: 62783 Medical cadre
Medical cadre

Medical cadre

Oakland: The Jellyroll Press, [1969]. Pamphlet. [20]p., 8.5x5.5 inch stapled wraps, staples rusted else very good condition; photoillustrated, portrait of Che decorates the cover.

First aid for activists who might be in pitched battles with police; carry a heavy magazine to use as a splint, advice on bullet wounds, etc. IWW union bug next to the publisher's slug. Dated by a notice about the types of chemical agents being used for crowd control, which states that five types were being used as of July 1969. "This pamphlet would not have to be written if we were not living in a fascist state and medical institutions were not used as a repressive arm of this society. It was written to help you prepare the medical part of your self defense against fascism. As movement doctors and health workers we pledge to serve the people as our medical-spiritual leaders Che, Bethune, and Fanon so movingly showed the way."

Cat.No: 62783

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