Cat.No: 43042 Sacramento and the Trail of '49. J. N. Kimball.

Sacramento and the Trail of '49.

New York: Underwood Typewriter Company, 1928. Paperback. 24p, 6x9 inches, illustrated with a dozen portrait photos (contestants) and ads, good booklet in stapled green pictorial wraps. Covers bear some dust and handling-grime, text a few pencilled tic-marks.

This booklet contains the copy used in the 1928 International Typewriting Championship Contest. The story contained in this booklet is reprinted with the permission of the author and distributed with the compliments of the Underwood Typewriter Company.
Edition reproduces copy as employed in this so-called International Typewriting Contest, each line showing an accumulated number of key-strokes. The contest, surely underwritten by Underwood, was ballyhooed (palms greased?) by MGM stars Norma Shearer and John[ny] Mack Brown, shown with "the champions;" and by California State governor C.C. Young (yes, there's a photo), who hosted them on the steps of the state capitol.

Cat.No: 43042

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