Cat.No: 314355 Report of the Commission on Itinerancy; August, 1963. Brian Walsh, chair of the commission - et alia, the hon mr. justice.

Report of the Commission on Itinerancy; August, 1963

Dublin: The Stationery Office, 1963. Paperback. 166p., illustrated with numerous tables and scattered b&w snapshot photographs, softbound in 9.5x6 inch plain printed wraps (plain save for the ubiquitous Irish harp device), cover wraps and terminal blanks are acidic and toned, whereas textblock is alkaline and undisturbed, front cover leaf is edgeworn with a half-dozen little marginal tears. Generally sound and entirely clean and unmarked.

Introduction notes (p.15) "that most countries have itinerant populations more or less similar to those in this country [Ireland] and giving rise to many similar problems. Apart from the Netherlands, it does not appear that any country has taken any substantial measures, other than punitive ones.." Do not expect comparison with the homeless of the United States, a recent and arguably artificial class developed under Reagan/Bush.. here, Ireland is the focus, county by county.

Cat.No: 314355

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