Cat.No: 312339 Gaysweek Arts & Letters: Special Theatre Issue. Byrne Fone, Harvey Fierstein Doric Wilson, Adrian Pinheiro, Richard Ronan, Ralph Pomeroy, Felice Picano, Dan Dulaney Allen, William Hoffman.

Gaysweek Arts & Letters: Special Theatre Issue

New York: New York Gay News/Alan Bell, 1979. Newspaper. 40p. includes covers, 7.75x11.25 inches, newspaper magazine on newsprint, very good condition.

The magazine includes the complete text with photos of Fierstein's "Fugue in a Nursery" and excerpts from Wilson's "A Perfect Relationship " as well as a story from Picano and a report on Gay Theatre by Hoffman.

Gaysweek was the first mainstream gay periodical to be edited and published by an African American (Alan Bell).

Cat.No: 312339

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