Cat.No: 311362 Social progress [16 issues]

Social progress [16 issues]

Kansas City, MO: Social Progress, 1953-1955. Newsletter. Sixteen issues of the newsletter edited by John L. Porter, each folded from a single sheet to make a four-panel, 5.5x8.5 inch brochure; paper toned, several issues with large tears. Issues present are vol. 4 nos. 40, 42, 48-52; vol. 5 nos. 1-5, 7, 11; vol. 6 nos. 50 and 51. Also included is a "What we stand for" leaflet.

Sample issue themes: "HEALTH OR PROFITS? President's Health Proposals Would Bring Healthy Profits To Insurance Companies, Continued Health-Neglect To People." "SYSTEMATIC XMAS EXPLOITATION: Unmasked, The Merry Xmas Sales Show Huge Pre-Designed Exploitation Assaults Upon Consumer Public." "CHARITY AS ANTIQUATED METHOD: Scientific Treatment Of Social Problems To Abrogate Causes Of Poverty And Dependency Is Far More Constructive Than All Charities." "SECURITY AS GROUP PROBLEM: Complexity Of Modern Industry Renders Planning Of Economic Destiny By Individual Obsolete: Must Co-Operate To Attain Group Objectives."

Cat.No: 311362

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