Cat.No: 309495 The Social Democrat [16 issues]

The Social Democrat [16 issues]

New York: Social Democratic Federation, 1944-1946. Newsletter. Sixteen issues of the 8.5x11 inch newsletter, most issues 4 pages; some with uneven toning. Issues present are vol. 1 nos. 1, 2, 4-12 (10 misnumbered 11, with an 11A following), and vol. 2 nos. 1-5.

The SDF, which had split from the Socialist Party, reunited with it in the following decade. A self-definition in the first issue states, "The socialization of industry, as social Democrats view it, is only a means to bring about the largest possible measure of personal liberty and individual self-development for all, mutual helpfulness instead of conflict within society, and peace among nations, as well as material wellbeing, leisure, and security for the whole people. We put liberty first among these objectives, because we feel that it is unworthy of human beings to purchase either peace or plenty by the sacrifice of freedom and self-respect. In such a country as the United States, therefore, which already has civil rights and representative government on a broad suffrage basis, we should regard it as criminal, in morals as well as in law, for any organization or group aiming at economic and social change to attempt the realization of its aims by unlawful violence; and we hold that it is the duty of Socialists, as of all loyal citizens, to rally to the defense of our democratic institutions and way of life when these are threatened."

Cat.No: 309495

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