Cat.No: 307770 Dulce 2. Anthony Dulce.

Dulce 2

no city, USA: "An HSS Publication" [sic], between 2004 and 2012. Pamphlet. Unpaginated, typical zine production (standard leaves copyshopped and folded into 8.5x5.5 inch stapled untrimmed. A very good exemplar with a wraparound punk-ish photo for cover. Guaranteed to be scarce, as the "distro [distribution] on this zine is like...fifty". Misery and joy in the youth undergrounds of a number of cities (San Diego! Santa Fe [because author couldn't spell Albuquerque] ! San Frisco! NYC! Brooklyn!).

A terminal note (hard-to-read reproduction from holograph), suggests item was written in NYC, because he's leaving it, but can "always be reached" in Leucadia CA, w/ street address.

Cat.No: 307770

Price: $15.00