Cat.No: 305846 Our California State Taxes; Facts and Problems. H. Dewey Anderson, aka Hobson Dewey Anderson.

Our California State Taxes; Facts and Problems

Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1937. Hardcover. viii, 305p., illustrated with charts and statistical tables, hardbound first edition in 9.5x6 inch boards. Inscribed and autographed by author Anderson, datelining Stanford in the year of publication. Casing is sound and square but has been given a coat of brown pigment that is dotted with tiny gilt blots. The spine label, and any cover titling, have disappeared under this strange varnish; also, pp. 114-115 are stained with blots of this paint, which resembles dried blood (legibility unaffected). As is.

FYI, two points: inscribee is Mrs. Paul Eliel; her husband's papers (on labor legislation, unionism and communism) are archived in the Hoover Institution. Secondly, Dewey Anderson authored other book-length essays on similar topics; this particular one seems largely to be educational in nature, with an eye to prepping common folks, and not a list of scandals.

Cat.No: 305846

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