Cat.No: 305819 God Save the King! (A message from London) [broadside]. Joseph Clark Baldwin.

God Save the King! (A message from London) [broadside]

New York: Non-Sectarian Political Action Committee for Palestine Inc., 1946. Broadside. 11x15 inch broadside, neatly fold-creased, otherwise very good. Reprint of a statement by Congressman Joseph Clark Baldwin, Administrative Chairman of the Political Action Committee for Palestine Inc., which originally appeared in the New York Post on November 19, 1946.

"Fellow Americans: As a Christian and an American I could no longer endure the colossal injustice perpetrated upon our brethren, the Jews. The blood of six million men, women and children, butchered and burned and buried alive, cried to me from all the nameless cemeteries of Europe, and the tears and the anguish of the survivors still imprisoned in the concentration camps tugged at my heart and gnawed at my conscience.” Describes his itinerary of speaking in London and then continuing to Palestine. “I speak loudly and clearly and without mincing words. I tell them that England can no longer afford to preach justice and practice injustice, to proclaim democracy and act tyrannically, to raise the white flag of peace in one part of the world and the black flag of piracy in another part. I tell them that a searchlight has been focused upon her by all the nations of the world, by all the oppressed, by all those who are fighting for the ideal of One World. She cannot hide behind a curtain, be it of iron or of any other material. I tell them that England can no longer escape her commitments, can no longer betray the trust of 50 nations, can no longer renege her countless pledges, her signatures and covenants. I remind them that Palestine is not their colony, that Palestine belongs to the Jews by every legal and moral right. I remind them that Palestine belongs to the Jews, now more than ever before, because of the sea of blood which the Jews offered not only as martyrs, but as heroes on all the battlefields where democracy fought against monstrosity. I tell them that the gates of Palestine must be thrown open immediately, without further machinations, without further equivocation, to the million and a half Jews whose country it is by the law of God and of Man." The title comes from his statement that because of his admiration for the royal family, he prays "God Save the King from his Government, a Government which to this day has practiced a policy alien to the Court of St. James."

Cat.No: 305819

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