Cat.No: 295298 Write Now [Bulletins no. 11 and 44]

Write Now [Bulletins no. 11 and 44]

New York: Council for Democracy, n.d. Magazine. Two issues of the mimeographed bulletin, 3 pages each, 8.5x11 inches. Undated, but the latter issue has a penciled note stating that it was received on Feb. 25, 1944. Masthead slogan: "Letters to the editor -- The free press is the free man's privilege."

These bulletins were intended to provide information for recipients to use in drafting letters to the editor on progressive topics. Both of these issues focus on the need to fight racism at home as part of the global struggle for democracy. The final page includes a clip-out portion (unused here) to be submitted with reports on any letters to the editor that the recipient had written.

Cat.No: 295298

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