Cat.No: 294198 Abolish slums! Build decent homes in 5th Ward! [handbill]

Abolish slums! Build decent homes in 5th Ward! [handbill]

Buffalo, NY: Negro Economic Association, [193-]. Handbill. 8.5x11 inch handbill with cartoon of a man sitting in a dilapidated apartment (A sign on the wall says "A man's home is his castle," but with rent bill in hand, he replies "Says you!"). Mild toning, some foxing at upper left corner, "1937, Buffalo" neatly penned in bottom right corner. (The event it announces is stated to be on Tuesday, July 24th, but that date did not fall on a Tuesday in 1937. We have seen another example dated 1936, but that date was not a Tuesday in that year either).

"The program of the Negro Economic Association calls for an immediate tearing-down of the dilapidated shacks that are germ-ridden with cockroaches, bedbugs, and rats! The City Government must devise ways and means of financing such a program... But it must NOT do it by taxing the small home-owner, workers and unemployed. Tax those who can afford to pay!" The president of the Association is listed as Anna Harris.

Cat.No: 294198

Price: $300.00