Cat.No: 293124 GALA Review: vol. 2, [10 issue broken run]. Rolfsen, ron, Dan White Harvey Milk, Daniel Curzon, William F. Buckley, Anita Bryant, Herschel J. Matt, Thomas Rolfsen, Nicolas Walter, Jerry Falwell.

GALA Review: vol. 2, [10 issue broken run]

San Francisco: Gay Atheist League of America, 1979. Magazine. Ten issue broken run of the second year of the gay freethought magazine, various paginations, 5.5x8.5 inches, very good digest-size booklets in stapled wraps.

Issue numbers: 2:1-3, 5-10 & 12. January - March (mis-marked February), May-Sept. & Dec.

The article meant for the nonexistent volume 1, #10 appears in issue #2, Was Harvey Milk an Atheist? The Mormons and How to Defeat Them. An Open Letter to Anita Bryant and Buckley & Bryant Babble. Dan White: All-American Boy and Curzon's report on the White Night Riots in SF.

Cat.No: 293124

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