Cat.No: 292478 Society of Juridica Information Letter [five issues, with eleven related items]. Arthur Louis Joquel.

Society of Juridica Information Letter [five issues, with eleven related items]

Los Angeles; El Monte, CA: Society of Juridica, 1941-1943. Newsletter. Five issues of the staplebound dittoed pacifist newsletter, 8.5x11 inches each, 2 to 3 pages, all with three holes punched at left, paper toned. Also included are two versions of a four-panel brochure introducing the Society; four 5.5x8.5 inch mimeographed letters to supporters, unevenly toned, vol. 2 no. 1 of Pax, a mimeographed newsletter (which was continued by The Peace Witness), mildly stained at right; a dittoed letter announcing the creation of the Post-War Reconstruction Study Committee and the first issue of its 5-page, 8.5x11 inch dittoed bulletin, and finally, the Society's Special Report, Number Two, on the programs of various pacifist groups in 1942 (four pages, mimeographed, 8.5x11 inches, foxed with a closed tear).

Joquel was a prominent figure in the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society; he produced these newsletters and other publications at the same time he was working on fanzines and various projects in the occult. Robert Heinlein famously hated Joquel for his pacifist stance; in a letter to Forrest Ackerman after Ackerman's brother had died in battle, Heinlein wrote "As for persons who are guilty not merely by sins of omission but who actively threw their weight against us, like that traitorous little bastard Joquel, I have no words to describe them. It is a bitter thing that he should be alive while your brother is dead. It would be well for him to stay out of my sight when this is over."

Cat.No: 292478

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