Cat.No: 291490 Bangladesh: A weekly news bulletin [29 issues]

Bangladesh: A weekly news bulletin [29 issues]

Washington DC: Bangladesh Mission, 1971-1975. Newsletter. Twenty-nine issues of the 8.5x11 inch bulletin, 4 to 6 pages per issue; some issues toned and/or folded; a few with address label on rear panel or minor pen notations. Issues present are vol. 1 no. 12; vol. 2 nos. 4-14, 16, 18-26; vol. 3 nos. 1-5; vol. 4 no. 20 and vol. 5 no. 1.

The first issue included here was published while the Bangladeshi forces were still fighting for indepedence from Pakistan. Later issues discuss the diplomatic, economic, and military challenges faced by the new country.

Cat.No: 291490

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