Cat.No: 291053 Bravery: the Braves magazine. Vol. 23 no. 1 (January 1941)

Bravery: the Braves magazine. Vol. 23 no. 1 (January 1941)

Los Angeles: Old Glory Braves, Inc., 1941. Magazine. 8p., staplebound wraps, 8x10.75 inches; horizontal fold, otherwise very good. "Pro-Nazi" penciled at top of front cover by the original recipient.

Publication of the Christian nationalist boys' group led by Fred Meyer, which boasted of having a Native American leader on its Executive Board. "For many years now this great stalwart American Indian Chief, Many Treaties, a full-blooded Black Foot Indian, has been loyal and faithful to the Braves Organization, where he has served on the Executive Board. Many Treaties has been a great favorite with scores of our boys, and they have learned many lessons from this great Indian, who never has used tobacco or alcoholic beverages in any form. In his middle sixties and erect, with a body 6 ft., 3 inches, sturdy and strong, is a living testimony to the kind of life Many Treaties lives. Many more happy moons, old pal. We love you." Includes much promotion of Sturtevant Camp, in the mountains outside LA.Other articles include a piece promoting the anti-Semitic preacher and publisher Gerald Winrod, a piece by Dalton S. Dalton titled "Boy-cotting Communism," which describes Fred Meyer's principles and claims that he successfully converted an anarchist to Christianity, as well as various religious appeals including a supposed Indian prayer: "Great Spirit, help me not to judge another until I have walked two weeks in his moccasins."

Cat.No: 291053

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