Cat.No: 290405 Cinco de Mayo, A Resource Handbook. Don Bullick, joint authors, Amalia Mesa-Bains Clarence Meyers, Christine Hiroshima, and.

Cinco de Mayo, A Resource Handbook.

San Francisco: SFUSD - San Francisco Unified School District, 1983. Staplebound Wraps. Unpaginated, a crude but useable compendium of Mexican matters. How to craft Cinco de Mayo parade materials has a chapter to itself, whence the celebration, heroes and villains. Texts and photos comprise about 140 pages, a quarter-inch thick fascicle of 11x8.5 inch standard leaves under a tinted cover sheet. Staples are holding but each has only a single foot fully inserted through the pile. Also, this copy (we've seen two) lacks the decorative back cover, likely because of the difficulty in stapling; no loss, decoration was merely a fuzzy painting repro.

A preliminary notice acknowledges the 1983 Federal District Court Order to fully desegregate every school classroom and program.

Cat.No: 290405

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