Cat.No: 288980 An open letter to President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Byram Campbell.

An open letter to President Dwight D. Eisenhower

[Salt Lake City]: the author, [1957]. Pamphlet. Four-panel brochure, 4x9 inches, rear panel has "Salt Lake City, Utah" penned at the bottom edge, with the year 1957 penciled beside it; otherwise very good.

"Dear Mr. President: Till you turned the Republican party towards the acceptance of collectivistic ideals, I had been a Republican. I have now severed my relationship with the party. This has been done only after serious provocation - the immediate cause having been your sending Federal troops to enforce integration at Little Rock. I cannot conceive of the necessity for such an occurrence under the party as I once knew it. Whatever the immediate provocation, this represents an instance of the profound social maladjustment that always follows attempts to force collectivistic beliefs on peoples…. On a recent trip to Chicago I found that groups of Whites, including the one that continues to preach brotherhood, found that they could not live and be happy in neighborhoods after integration had occurred. All availed themselves of the right to flee. However, under Modern Republicanism we find you forcing children at the point of bayonets into an association such as normal adults cannot tolerate. Certainly there is something radically wrong with an administration that allows itself to be trapped in a position where it feels it necessary to act in a way that outrages the sense of decency of normal Americans."

Cat.No: 288980

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