Cat.No: 288539 Sombras Rojas. Francois Deschamps, compiler/, Gwen Ryberg "Mr. O" the schizophrenic diarist, supervising physician.

Sombras Rojas

Rochester NY: The Visual Studies Workshop, 1999. Paperback. 144p., profuse b&w photography from several archives, captioned and explained on each page, captions are running-heads, explainations take various forms and are bound up with the photos. Diarist was hospitalized at Sunnyview Psychiatric Institute of Hillcrest OH, confined for his implausible notions, and granted much freedom for a strange sanity. "Mr. O" was obsessed with Che Guevara and by Che's revolutionary team in Bolivia, and certain influential persons were and are obsessed by Mr.O. Book is a little edgeworn but quite sound and clean, and marked only a small "x" penned in red on back cover. Very good copy of a very strange book. From the Library of Scientific and Fictitious Thought. FYI, this "library" may be an invention, it does not google.

Cat.No: 288539
ISBN: 0898220769

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