Cat.No: 287414 ....vivere.... 1915-1919 - Passioni di Popoli. A. G. . compiler/author Noventa, Angelo Giuseppe.

....vivere.... 1915-1919 - Passioni di Popoli

Brescia: Editore Giulio Vannini, 1934 / XIII. Paperback. 99p., glazed alkaline paper throughout featuring numerous illustrations from wartime activity (aviation pix the most interesting) and documents in facsimile, signatures mostly unopened thus many photos are hidden from us, softbound in 10x7 inch decorated wraps. Covers have a small corner bump, a droplet stain, mild dust-soil with a darkened spine panel. Good copy, quite sound.

An odd work that brings together photos and docs relating to a seemingly disassociated group of Fascist events: the Italian Red Cross, downed planes, the aerial bombardment of Padova, Gabriel D'Annunzio, Mussolini's military career. Dedicated to compiler's father (1852-1914) who gets a photoportrait.

Cat.No: 287414

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