Cat.No: 286434 Encounter; Nov 1965, Vol. 25 No. 5. Stephen Spender, Irving Kristol, W. H. Auden Goronwy Rees, Kingsley Amis et alia.

Encounter; Nov 1965, Vol. 25 No. 5

London: the journal, 1965. Magazine. 96p., softbound, 7x10 inches, plain printed buff wraps. Cover and spine in good condition, inside wraps are clean and crisp, in good condition.

Articles in this issue: "Churchill Reconsidered" by Goronwy Rees, "Huxley and Stravinsky" by Robert Craft, "The Language of Science" by J. Bronowskly, more... Encounter was funded in part until 1967 by the CIA supported "Congress of Cultural Freedom"

Cat.No: 286434

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