Cat.No: 286420 Encounter; Jun 1961, Vol. 16 No. 6. Stephen Spender, Irving Kristol, W. H. Auden Goronwy Rees, V. S. Pritchett et alia, Kingsley Amis.

Encounter; Jun 1961, Vol. 16 No. 6

London: the journal, 1961. Magazine. 96p., wraps, 10x7 inches. Somewhat edge worn, with a toned edges, edge and shelf worn, else in good condition.

Articles and notes on Dwight MacDonald, The Sorbone, C.P.Snow, and the lead article "What Future for Africa?" two views by Thomas Hodkin and Elspeth Huxley, more... Encounter was funded in part until 1967 by the CIA supported "Congress of Cultural Freedom"

Cat.No: 286420

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