Cat.No: 285102 City of San Francisco Oracle: vol. 1, #9, August 1967. Allen Cohen.

City of San Francisco Oracle: vol. 1, #9, August 1967

San Francisco: Oracle Co-operative Publishing Co., 1967. Newspaper. 32p., 11.5x15 inch tabloid format newspaper, mild horizontal fold crease, paper evenly toned. From the collection of Richard Synchef, who had editor Allen Cohen sign the front cover in the upper right margin with his trademark doodle.

Late issue of the highly influential Haight-Ashbury underground paper. Contents include: "Programming the Psychedelic Experience" by Leary and Metzner, Tarot and Astrological hoohah from Gavin Arthur and Suesan Branaman, plus Dane Rudhyar on "The Buddha Mind", and much poetry, including the centerspread Michael McClure poem, "Poisoned Wheat". Front cover is a handsome two-color abstraction by Bruce Conner.

Cat.No: 285102

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