Cat.No: 284521 Fact Sheet: Ziyad Abu Ein. Ziyad Abu Ein.

Fact Sheet: Ziyad Abu Ein

Chicago: Ziyad Abu Ein Defense Committee, [1980]. Pamphlet. 6p., 8.5x14 inch sheets stapled at corner; horizontal fold crease, otherwise very good.

Abu Ein was accused of planting a bomb in Tiberias in 1979 which killed two Israeli teenagers and wounded 36 others (this document states that he did not know why Israel sought him, only finding out about the Tiberias bombing after the fact and being implicated by someone else's confession). After arriving in the US he spent three years fighting extradition from prison in Chicago, eventually becoming the first Palestinian to be extradited by the US to Israel in 1981. He was sentenced to life in prison, but was released in a prisoner exchange. Eventually he rose to a senior position in the Palestinian Authority, serving from 2003 to 2012 as deputy Minister for Prisoners' Affairs. In 2014 he died in disputed circumstances (either by a heart attack while Israeli soldiers confronted him, or as a result of physical assault by those soldiers) during a march to plant olive trees.

Cat.No: 284521

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