Cat.No: 283275 Gaysweek: #89, November 6, 1978; Next Week's Elections. Alan Bell, Anita Bryant Mayor Koch, Brian Chin, Robert Patrick, Marjorie Stamberg, Rita Mae Brown.

Gaysweek: #89, November 6, 1978; Next Week's Elections

New York: New York Gay News, 1978. Newspaper. 24p. + 8p. pullout bar guide, folded tabloid newspaper, photos, news, reviews, resources, events, opinion, ads, very good on newsprint.

Expanded bar guide. Mayor Koch on Gay Rights. Guide to elections. California vote on Briggs. More on Anita. Stamberg, the Spartacist candidate, on gays.

The tabloid began as a list of gay bars and events in NYC.

Cat.No: 283275

Price: $35.00