Cat.No: 280722 Do something rad-ish! [bumpersticker]

Do something rad-ish! [bumpersticker]

Martinsville, IN: Helaine Victoria Press, [198-]. Sticker. 18.5x4 inch bumpersticker, very good.

Helaine Victoria Press, which took its name from the middle names of founders Jocelyn Helaine Cohen and Nancy Taylor Victoria Poore, started with an offset press in Santa Monica but switched to an 80-year old cast iron letterpress, “the method which was standard when we were trying to get the vote.” It was an unusual mixture of lesbian feminist politics with fine press technique, though perhaps most famous for its hundreds of postcards on themes of women's history. This was one of the press's rare forays into sticker production. According to Cohen, our source, the adhesive turned out to be weak; she doesn't recommend actually mounting it on your bumper.

Cat.No: 280722

Price: $15.00