Cat.No: 278504 The Restless Lovers. Robert cover Dundee, Barye Phillips, Robert Kirsch.

The Restless Lovers

New York: Signet Books/New American Library, 1960. Paperback. 128p., very good first printing stated PBO in pictorial wraps. Trash fiction. Signet 1768.

Kirsch wrote "The Restless Lovers" under the pen name Robert Dundee. He was the literary critic of the Los Angeles Times for over two decades, and authored a number of books under various pen names.

From the back cover: "The sleepy little town slumbers in its tranquility. But beneath the surface a seething stream of long-suppressed hate waits to spread its poisoned waters through the homes of the leading citizens: An oil magnate with a hunger for power, A society woman with a lust for revenge, A spoiled youth with a craving for drugs..."

Cat.No: 278504

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