Cat.No: 277795 PM sham battle against Negro job discrimination [broadside]

PM sham battle against Negro job discrimination [broadside]

New York: Upper Harlem Section, Communist Party, [1941]. Broadside. 11x17 inch broadside on newsprint; horizontal fold crease, paper toned, "May, 1941" penned in lower right corner, four staple holes at top with old pieces of brown paper tape on the verso.

Responds to a recent exposé in the newspaper PM about defense industries that refused to hire African Americans. Argues that the paper is crying crocodile tears, as its real desire is to drag Black people into the war machine (During the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact period, the Communist Party USA depicted the Roosevelt administration as seeking imperialist war). States that racist southern politicians are the most eager to enter the war in Europe, and accuses the principal owner of PM, Marshall Field, of being racist and anti-Semitic; "PM has connections with the Ku Kluxers and the Roosevelt war drive." Lambasts A. Philip Randolph as an "Uncle Tom" for his efforts to seek equality in the armed services. Upper portion of the broadside reprints two recent pieces from the Daily Worker attacking Marshall Field.

Cat.No: 277795

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