40.313292, -74.014334. Isaac Linder, in collaboration, Cavities Zine.

40.313292, -74.014334

npl: Cavities Zine, 2010. Pamphlet. [12]p., stapled wraps, 5.5x8.5 inches, very good condition.

Zine consisting of Google Maps printouts of Port Au Peck Ave in Oceanport, NJ (located at the coordinates in the title) along with absurdist google reviews of chain restaurants (on an Olympia, WA Starbucks: "The temperature outside is warm, muggy, uncomfortable on the body. Once inside, you think you are looking at the back of the National Gallery of art (cf. Orazio Gentileschi, 'The Lute Player": the history of aerosolized matter). Through the one hexagonal window of this Starbucks, you see that it has begun to rain heavily and at a strong diagonal.").

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