Iskra. No. 24 (September 1st, 1902). Vladimir Lenin.

Iskra. No. 24 (September 1st, 1902)

Zurich: Russian Social Democratic Workers' Party, 1902. 6p. newspaper, "Spark," whose motto was “A single spark can start a prairie fire.” Printed on thin stock (very light paper, with low acid content, sometimes called Bible paper; this made the publication light and easy to smuggle into Russia). Horizontal fold crease, some other corner creasing and handling wear; rubberstamp of the Russian Social Democratic Workers' Party at top of front cover. We have also seen this issue printed on sturdier paper, with Swiss price rubberstamped at the top, apparently for more local circulation.

This issue includes a discussion of the failed efforts of the liberal deputies and the Tsar's ministers to ameliorate the financial crisis.

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