Cat.No: 272134 The Flowery, 1942-4. The Scrubs "Conchie" Review

The Flowery, 1942-4. The Scrubs "Conchie" Review

London: Central Board for Conscientious Objectors, 1945. 48p., staplebound booklet, 5.5x8.5 inches, front and back covers mildly crinkled from damp, as is the first interior page; erased pencil notation still visible at top of front cover; otherwise evenly toned but clean.

Postwar anthology of a prison journal furtively circulated by conscientious objectors. "This is a unique book... it gives to the public the contents of an underground journal published during the war in a British prison, Wormwood Scrubs.... What you read in these pages was written in hand on sheets of ruled prison paper bound together with the stout waxed thread supplied to prisoners for their task of making mailbags for the General Post Office. Careful folding of the sheets, a few stitches with the stout needle, and the process of binding, such a problem for most publishers during wartime, was complete." The title came from humorous prison slang; the cells were called "The Flowery Dells."

Cat.No: 272134

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