Cat.No: 271949 Journal of Homosexuality: vol. 4, #2, Winter 1978. John De Cecco, Sharon C. Wilsnack Deborah L. Diamond, Hubert C. Kennedy.

Journal of Homosexuality: vol. 4, #2, Winter 1978

New York: Haworth Press, 1978. Paperback. pp123-212, articles, reviews, reports, services and resources, ads, very good trade paperback journals in tan wraps. Journal of Homosexuality.

Kennedy on The Case for James Mills Pierce. Alcohol Abuse Among Lesbians. Androgyny.

"The Journal of Homosexuality will be a quarterly journal devoted to research in the social and biological sciences. It is meant for the psychotherapeutic practitioner and other professionals who deal with the problems of people living alternative sexual life-styles in our society."

Cat.No: 271949

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